The Beauty of Sleep

I always look forward to waking up fully rested and feeling ready to start the day. Sleep is an important factor for everyone, and I know that receiving the proper hours of sleep has helped me to perform and feel better. Often times, students disregard the value of sleep and sooner or later they have to face the consequences. Especially as a college student, it’s not easy to fulfill the hours of sleep that our bodies require. Anyone can get busy or distracted by work, parties, social media, etc. This soon turns into a routine, and we don't even realize our bodies are suffering from sleep deprivation. Once in a while, it’s okay to use that time to fulfill certain tasks or needs. However, it’s important to set a healthy sleeping schedule for a more balanced lifestyle. Especially, for new college students because they have to learn how to manage their own time. 

As a student, I have seen first-hand how my lack of sleep can affect my schoolwork. For example, some students think they can achieve a better grade by pull an all-nighter and study the entire night before a test. While students may learn more information using that time, the body and brain will not function well due to the lack of rest from the night before.

When it comes to taking the SAT & the ACT, we always tell students to get a good night of sleep before test day. Although it's tempting to cram all night, it's important to be well-rested and ready to take on the test with a clear (and not groggy) head.

Overall, I recommend to not leave tasks to the last minute and set an appropriate time for work and for sleep. Trust me, your body and brain will thank you!