Can your dog do a Skype lesson?

As many of you may know, LogicPrep recently opened an office in São Paulo, Brazil to provide college preparation to Brazilian students. Along the way, we made a new friend. Alexandre Rossi is a TV presenter on Brazil's National Geographic Channel and he stopped by our New York office for a quick hello. Alexandre is the proud owner of Estopinha, the tri-lingual dog that stole Brazil's heart (she has more than 3 million friends on Facebook)! Alexandre's trained her to do some impressive tricks. He's even rigged a machine that remotely dispenses treats to Estopinha so that he can show her some love when he's traveling! We were happy to provide one of our online video-conferencing rooms for this heart-warming reunion between man and dog. Check out the video below made by LogicPrep's own filmmaking duo, Rick and Jeff.