Apps for College Students

You might already have too many apps to count on your phone, but you can never go wrong with a few more useful tools to keep your schedule under control. Here are a few apps that make your college experience a bit easier:



Don’t like to carry cash everywhere you go? Venmo will let you exchange money online, similar to Paypal, so you don’t have to stuff your wallet every day. The app is becoming popular on college campuses in recent years and can be linked directly to your bank account to withdraw or deposit money. You and your friends can lend each other small amounts of money while you’re out at a restaurant or while shopping, and returning the favor is easier than ever!



The GET app (GET funds) lets you access a portal with all of your school accounts. It’s your universal check-up database. You can see the balances in your dining account, your laundry account, your school bill, etc. You can also add funds to any of these accounts, so if you run down to the laundry room and find out you’re out of funds, you can refill without having to run back up to your room and risk having someone steal your machine. Using this app really lets you keep track of your money and become acclimated to handling your own finances.



This app has a directory of a large number of colleges across the nation, and you can select your university as the homepage. The app divides up the dining halls across campus based on location, and lists the times the dining halls are open/closed, as well as what the dining halls are serving that day. When deciding whether it’s worth walking across campus to go to a better dining hall, you definitely want to check this app to make sure you aren’t disappointed when you get there.



Text, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, and so on: there are many ways of keeping in contact with your friends at college, but some forms of social media are only recently becoming popular (i.e. Slack). Houseparty is another app becoming more popular in college. The app allows you to communicate via live video chat and text, offering the opportunity for large groups of friends to talk at the same time. Whenever you can’t get out and meet all of your friends in person, Houseparty is a great second option!


-Alex W, current freshman at Cornell University, planning to major in chemical engineering and minor in business