A Life of Goals

A life without a goal is meaningless. It's like a ship without a sail, there is no direction and in the end, goes nowhere. In fact, a life without a goal gains nothing. 

To achieve a goal we must take action; and through the action, a certain result is produced. The question we must ask now is: how do I make a goal? 

A great goal is... 

  1. SPECIFIC - Leave the general goals at home. 
  2. MEASURABLE - Figure out how you will measure your progress  and stay on track. 
  3. ATTAINABLE - Once you make a plan you naturally will gain the skills, mindset, and determination to accomplish it. The sky's the limit! Goals that may seem too big are never too big for someone who has a plan. 
  4. RELEVANT - Your goal must be something you can apply in your life. 
  5. TIME BOUND - Setting a deadline pushes you to work hard. 

I hope today is the day when many smart goals are accomplished. What will you decide to accomplish today? 

Wishing you much luck and happy goal making! 

-Kristine P, Office Assistant