Dogs of LogicPrep

Can your dog do a Skype lesson?

As many of you may know, LogicPrep recently opened an office in São Paulo, Brazil to provide college preparation to Brazilian students. Along the way, we made a new friend. Alexandre Rossi is a TV presenter on Brazil's National Geographic Channel and he stopped by our New York office for a quick hello. Alexandre is the proud owner of Estopinha, the tri-lingual dog that stole Brazil's heart (she has more than 3 million friends on Facebook)! Alexandre's trained her to do some impressive tricks. He's even rigged a machine that remotely dispenses treats to Estopinha so that he can show her some love when he's traveling! We were happy to provide one of our online video-conferencing rooms for this heart-warming reunion between man and dog. Check out the video below made by LogicPrep's own filmmaking duo, Rick and Jeff.

Our Newest Tutor

Who says dogs can't be tutors?

We'd like to officially welcome Marcel as the newest tutor at LogicPrep! Call us crazy, but this guy not only nailed his interview, but he scored a perfect 36 on the ACT! Be sure to give us a call ASAP, as his calendar is filling up quickly! 

Happy April Fools Day! 😜