6 Solutions to Problems You Will Encounter While Living in Your College Dorm

College, as a whole, is a wild ride, and life in the dorms can be an exciting adventure. Once you're all moved in and your parents and/or childhood friends leave, reality hits fast that you may well be living with a roommate you never met before and worst of all, may have different living habits, to say the least. Before you settle in, read these 6 problems that could arise and take my advice in solving them. Knowing the problem before it happens can help you be prepared.  


#1: Your closet is too small

Girls & boys, this just can't happen.

The Solution:

To avoid this catastrophe, purchase the Wonder Hanger. Each plastic Wonder Hanger holds six hangers vertically, making more horizontal space available. No, this is not a paid advertisement, but this saved my life and made my clothes stay wrinkle free throughout my college experience. I mean, who has time to iron?

#2: Smells you never smelled before & never want to smell again 

I played Division I soccer when I was in college. Trust me, I smelled some interesting scents in my 4 years as a student athlete. 

The Solution:  

Car Fresheners! Yes, you read it right. Car fresheners were my go-to because they are inexpensive (buy them online), and you can stick these little babies anywhere. In a vent, in your closet, in your shoes, a book bag. Seriously, just stick them everywhere! 

#3: Dirty Dishes 

Don't leave all (or even some!) dirty dishes for your roommate to clean. It's just gross. 

The Solution: 

The old school chore list. Yep, the same one your mom probably had in your house when you were a kid. I'm all about DIY's. You can make a simple but creative chore chart. Here are some examples:

Problem #4: Noise 

When you’re living in a building filled with dozens of fellow freshmen, expect noise. You should get used to the idea of complete peace and quiet being reserved for special occasions. 

The Solution: 

Ear plugs... and throw in an eye mask while you're at it. 

Hear no evil, see no evil, and you can't speak evil because you're SLEEPING! 

Problem #5: Stress

Let's just go straight into the solution of this problem...

The Solution: 

The "Nom Drawer." What is the "Nom Drawer," you ask? Go to your nearest Walmart, Target, or even Dollar Store and you buy everything chocolate: Twix, Sneakers Reese's, Hershey's Kisses, Chocolate covered pretzels, M&M's, Lindor, Kit-Kats, Almond Joy, Crackle, Butterfingers, etc. Buy in bulk and don't look back. Place these precious, choco delights in a drawer for easy access. Chocolate solves everything. Give one to your roommate, too. She/He will appreciate it. 


#6: Borrowing Clothes

Ok, so, this one might just be for the girls. 

The Solution:

I have 3 solutions to dealing with this problem:

1. Be passive and a tiny, tiny bit aggressive in hopes they get the point. 

2. Be sincere with tears. Sounds weird but tears have a magical power to make anyone second guess about asking to borrow your clothes. Here's what you do: The first time they ask to borrow something you make yourself get teary-eyed. Then you look down and say, "Of course, you can." Then you look them straight in the eye balls and say, "I'm such a good friend. I always want you to look good." Proceed to let ONLY one tear fall. JUST ONE. Anymore and expect your wardrobe to be under attack the whole year. This method will have them thinking whether or not you're crazy. No one wants to wear a crazy person's clothes.

3. Just say no, just do it

Well, there are my six solutions to dorm problems that are bound to arise. So now, when they do come up you won't panic. In college, you'll make a lot of mistakes and probably make a few people upset. Just remember, be considerate and take everything as a learning experience about how to deal with people.  

Wishing you a successful and relaxing dormitory experience!


-Kristine P, Office Assistant